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How To Accessorise For Prom Like A Vintage Hollywood Icon

20th March 2017

Done with 2017 already? Us too, we’re one Harambe level event away from booking a Virgin Galactic flight off of this hell hole. But until public space travel is made widely available and doesn’t cost what you’ll make in your entire lifetime, what could possibly ease the stress of living in the 21st century? Dressing like…

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The Five Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Beard In The Summer

Grooming Style
20th March 2017

We get it, beards in the summer are a pain in the arse. They can become itchy, dirty and feel like wrapping a woolly blanket around your face but, as much as your instincts will tell you to shave it off, you don’t have to. Beards have been proven to provide significant protection from UV rays and…

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7 Sports Documentaries on Netflix You Need to See

20th March 2017

What better way to enjoy a healthy dose of sports action than slumped on your couch, can of lager in hand and TV remote resting atop your swollen beer gut in true Homer Simpson style? Well assume that position and get comfortable, because we’re about to give you 24 carat, solid couch-potato gold here. BEHOLD!…

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6 Great Graphic Novels With No Superheroes

20th March 2017

London has a lot of great comic book shops but the undisputed king is Soho’s Gosh Comics. With a comprehensive mix of mainstream titles and indie releases as well as regular signings from the industries’ biggest names, it’s worth a trip for comic nuts and newcomers alike. We got in touch with them to get a rundown of…

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Going Solo: Here’s Why Travelling Alone Is The Only Way To Travel

Culture Travel
17th March 2017

Doing anything alone carries an unfair stigma. Whether it’s going to the pub alone, spending Saturday night in front of Netflix or just mooching about, there’s always the sneaking suspicion that the only reason people do it by themselves is because they can’t do it with anyone else. Travelling has been tarred with that brush…

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6 Health Hacks To Get You In Shape For Your Holiday

16th March 2017

Carrying a bit of winter chub you just can’t shift? There’s no need to get panicked about looking like a pale, out of shape mess on the beach just yet. If you’ve got a few months, a bit of willpower and the right info you can get yourself in fighting condition – at least that’s…

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