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Movember Special: 5 Celebrities Without their Signature Moustaches

Culture Grooming Health
21st October 2016

When you’re staring into the mirror willing your upper lip to get some full growth, it can be pretty easy to forget the reason everyone’s doing it – raising awareness for men’s health. At Topman we’re planning to take part ourselves, with the first furtive wisps of facial hair currently making an appearance on the faces…

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Best dressed men under 20

The 20 Best Dressed Men Under 20

Culture Style
19th October 2016

Cooler than you, possibly richer and still young enough to count their age with fractions – meet Topman’s 20 best dressed men under 20:

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male grooming

Common Male Grooming Mistakes and How to Fix Them

19th October 2016

Male grooming these days is difficult territory to navigate. Back in our fathers’ and grandfathers’ days male grooming consisted of nothing more than gargling a mouth full of moonshine, having a rough shave with a rusty knife and popping in some chewing tobacco (probably), but now in this golden age of ‘metrosexual’ there is a…

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These Are the Most Amazing Places to Book on AirBnB Right Now

18th October 2016

If you don’t already know about AirBnB then it’s about time you crawled out from your cave and had a look. It’s the best way to rent holiday homes and short-stay accommodation all over the world. But we’re not just talking the standard ‘room in somebody’s house with a bacon sandwich in the morning’ type…

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Stylist’s Pick: Skater Style

18th October 2016

Skater style is one of those things that’s hard to engage with if you’re into fashion. On the one hand, it’s in trend and we’re all trying to be on trend but on the other, it’s an impenetrable subculture. It being cool doesn’t change the fact that popping on a beanie and a pair of Vans if…

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alt horror

6 Terrifying Horror Films You Probably Haven’t Seen

17th October 2016

When Halloween rolls round every year many people tend to reach for the same classic horror films. It’s a common misconception that the horror films that slip through the net of mainstream attention do so because they’re not very good, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We actually think that many of the best…

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