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Interview and Assessment Centre Advice

As part of your application roles within Topshop Topman you will be asked to attend an interview or assessment centre.
Below are some helpful hints and tips to help you prepare beforehand.


  • Know the Brand you are applying to work for. There are big differences between Topshop and Topman and having a passion and knowledge of the Brand is so important to show your commitment.
  • Think about the role you are applying for. How is your current/previous experience suitable for the role you are applying for? What are your strengths? What are your development areas?
  • Research. If you are applying for Store Management have you visited the store you have applied for? What do you know about the department you have applied for at Head Office, such as the product produced or areas of responsibility within the business?
  • We want you to perform at your best on the day, so this is your opportunity to tell us about your skills and achievements within your career to date, and why you are the most suitable candidate for the position.

Assessment Centre

This would typically involve 2 or 3 stages which can consist of a Group Exercise, 1-1 Competency Based interview a Presentation and Case Study.

Group Exercise

We sometimes ask you to take part in a Group Exercise with other candidates applying for the role. This is to allow us to asses how you work within a team and can be based on real life scenarios you might come across in the job you have applied for.

This is more common for store based management roles

1-1 Competency Interview

All our interview questions are competency based reflecting the level of position you are applying for.


You may be given a Presentation Brief to prepare in advance of you interview with us. This could be around the Brand you applying to work for or something relevant to area of the business you are interested in.

Case Study

Again this might be based on real life scenarios you might face in your job role if you are successful and give us the opportunity to assess skills like prioritising and work load management.

Other exercises

Commercial Floor Walk

For store based management roles you may be asked to prepare for a commercial floor walk to demonstrate your understanding of the brand and stores. This will usually take place in the store you applied to work for, and will assess your ability to spot commercial opportunities within a live store setting.

Don't worry, you will be informed in advance of attending any interview or Assessment Centre of the exercises you will carry out on the day and if there is anything to prepare in advance.