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How Do I Join The Topman
Affiliate Programme?

Who Is Topman?

Born in 1978, Topman is the male equivalent of successful Arcadia stable-mate: Topshop. With over 200 stores in the UK, almost every high street in the country boasts its very own slice of Topman. London's mega Oxford Circus Flagship - one of 8 chief stores in the major cities through the UK - sees 75,000 pairs of feet storm its 15,000 square foot floor every week.

The rest of the globe is catching up too. Here's the maths: there are Topman stores in over 60 cities worldwide, stretching across 20 countries while boutiques in America, China and Japan stock the brand. As one might suspect, its fashion forwardness continues into cyberspace with transactional website seeing over 300,000 unique visits a week, with current shipping to the UK, Eire, Europe, USA and Australia.

Why do I want to join the Topman affiliate programme?

Up to date offers and news for, technical help should you need it, product feed access, banners, and current content to publish to your users are just a few reasons. Promote Topman using links/banners/product and should a sale occur, you get paid a percentage of the total basket value. Plus, we have banners and text links readily available to make promoting even quicker – it couldn’t be easier!

If I’m an affiliate, what will I get?

As with most affiliate programmes, we don’t pay out on rejected or cancelled sales, but for everything confirmed we pay out a minimum of 1% as standard at the end of the second month following the sale, plus the good part is that there’s no maximum to what you could earn. The reason for this slight delay is due to us checking refunded items are cancelled and customers have had their full 1 month return policy granted.

Ok, so is there anything I can’t do?

Affiliates aren't allowed to bid on the Topman brand name, any derivation or misspellings. We ask for brand and misspell terms to be included as negative keywords in all search engine marketing campaigns (topman, top man, TOPMAN, topmen etc). Anyone found bidding on these may have pending transactions cancelled or be suspended from the programme. Bidding on generic keywords such as ‘men’s jeans’ or ‘men’s tees’ is encouraged, but must not include the Topman or derivatives within ad copy or titles.

Voucher code usage

All promotion codes must be authorised through Rakuten Affiliate Network. Any affiliate caught pushing codes that have not been authorised face the possibility of commissions being dropped to 0% and potential suspension from the programme.

How do I join the Topman affiliate programme?

Click Here now to be redirected to the Rakuten Affiliate Network sign up page. Any problems please contact