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5 Signs That You Need New Socks & Underwear

Your alarm goes off. You drag yourself out of bed and into the shower. You brush your teeth, go back into your room and spend the next 15 minutes rifling through your underwear drawer only to eventually find a pair, put them on and realise you have a suspicious breeze down low. It’s time to get new underwear.

We get it: buying new socks and underwear is a bit of a drag, but sometimes you can’t avoid the unavoidable. When you realise you don’t own a single pair of socks or pants that don’t have any holes, rips or unsettling marks, you simply have to accept that it’s time. Here are the signs that a refresh is long overdue:


Sign 1: Holes

The first, most straightforward sign that you need new socks and underwear? Holes. If your boxer shorts are half detached from the waistband, the crotch area is a little breezy or your big toe always comes out the end of your sock, it’s time to refresh. There’s no point in keeping them, either. Find your nearest clothes bank that takes old, worn fabrics and get them out of your life ASAP.


Sign 2: Smells

Another very telltale sign that you need to restock your drawers is the smell. Sometimes, if socks and underwear have been worn so many times, you’ll find that, despite your best efforts to wash them, the smell lingers on. When this happens, admit defeat and get rid.


Sign 3: They’re now too big or too small

It’s totally normal for our body shapes to change, so it’s only natural that the size of our clothes will have to, too. Underwear is no exception. If yours are now too tight that they’re uncomfortable to wear or too big that you spend all your time hoisting them up, chuck ’em out and get some your own size. Equally, if your socks have shrunk in the wash beyond repair and they’re now only fit for a Borrower, you know what to do. Note: wash all your socks and undies at 30°.


Sign 4: Chafing

On the note of underwear being too small, if yours are getting tighter with each wear, you’re at the risk of chafing. Ouch. This is basically where the fabric rubs up against your skin causing frictional issues – not something anyone particularly wants.


Sign 5: Your underwear is humorous

Sure, have a few pairs of novelty socks and underwear for occasions, but make sure you have plain, simple options for daily wear. You don’t want to accidentally flash a pair of Simpsons underwear in the middle of a meeting now, do you? Also, in the summer when you wear lighter trousers (such as linen) you don’t want any cartoon faces peeping back through the fabric.




Here’s What You Need:

We want to make your refresh as easy as possible, so we’ve collated our favourite socks and underwear below. When re-stocking, think easy, everyday pairs that you can wear, wash, wear and wash. The best part? All of our socks and underwear come in handy multipacks, so rest assured you’ll get the most for you money.


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The Best TOPMAN Socks

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