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How To Wear A Roll Neck (From 4 Men Who Wore It Best)

When it gets to the colder seasons, the roll neck jumper comes out on top, every time. Just ask Dwayne. Our favourite piece of knitwear to style; say goodbye to cold necks and say hello to cool. Very cool.

To kick things off, we’ll give you a refresher of what exactly the roll neck is. Then, to wake you up, we’ll show you our most-liked roll neck looks from four men who we think wore them best.


What is a Roll Neck Jumper?

To put it simply, a roll neck jumper is a normal jumper with an extended neck. Not to be confused with a turtle neck, a roll neck is designed to be worn scrunched or folded down. No need for a scarf!


What’s the Difference Between a Roll Neck and Turtleneck?

On a roll neck, the neck extension is much longer so that you can fold it down. It covers more area of the neck. On a turtleneck, it’s much shorter and stands on its edge without the need to fold it. Both are great pieces for smart and casual outfits – the overall look simply depends on how you style them.


Richard Biedul Goes Monotone

This is layering done right. Different shades of the same tone make building up winter outfits easy and effective. A beige roll neck jumper is so versatile that you’ll find you can wear it with just about any outfit. Jeans? No problem. Over a suit? Even better.

The Tip: Layering different shades of the same colour is a look.

The Tip: A beige roll neck will go with everything.




Michael B Jordan Shows us How to Contrast

If you think wearing a black roll neck is boring (you shouldn’t. It isn’t.), there are many ways you can jazz it up a touch. One of these is by layering yours underneath a bold coat; this draws the attention away from the jumper whilst still co-ordinating with it.

The Tip: A bold colour or pattern coat will make a black roll neck more exciting.




Richard Madden Tackles Two-Tone

Have you caught on with the theme, yet? The trick to wearing a roll neck best is to not over-complicate. Keep the colours of your outfit to two or three and don’t be scared of layering up. Here, Madden wears his beige roll neck underneath a navy blazer and a navy overcoat. Stripped back and simple – you can’t go wrong.

The Tip: Keep your outfit simple with 2-3 colours.




Kevin Hart Does the Suit and Roll Neck Duo

In the colder months, if wearing a shirt with your suit will be too cold (or you just want to mix matters up), a thin roll neck makes a great substitute. With a black suit, play around with any colour to match the occasion. To go formal, stick with grey, beige or black roll necks. Just as Hart has done, if you feel your outfit needs finishing (naturally, it’ll be less detailed without a tie/bow tie), add a broach or even a pocket square.

The Tip: With a suit, a roll neck can happily take the place of a shirt.

The Tip: Add a broach or pocket square to give your look more detail.










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