Is Your Hair In Good Condition? If Not, This Could Happen…

How many of you can hand on heart say that you frequently check the condition of your hair? We’re guessing not many…

The condition of your hair is just as important as the look of it – great hair starts at the roots (see what we did there?).

To help you avoid any damage (which can lead to breakage and more), we got in touch with Oliver Amodio, Blue Tit salon manager and international celebrity hairstylist, to give us the low down on how guys can check the condition of their hair and what they can do to make it healthier than ever…


How can I tell if my hair isn’t in great condition?

Men tend to not focus on the condition of their hair too much, but they should! The conditioner is just as important as the shampoo. If it’s looking dry, lacking shine (matte) and tangles or knots easily, your hair needs some love! Ask your stylist what options are available, but a decent cut or even some conditioning masks like the Oway Silk and Glow mask or treatments like Olaplex no3 should sort it out.




What could happen to my hair if it’s in bad condition?

Your hair will likely get worse over time if you don’t look after your hair and keep it in good condition. If it gets dry or split without cutting or treating, the split or breakage will travel up the hair shaft potentially causing further damage to the hair. The longer your hair is, the more important it is to condition it. And it’s so easily done!

The longer you leave dry hair untreated, the longer it will take for it to look better when you eventually get round to it.


Does the weather change the condition of my hair?

It does to some extent. Just like our skin, we need to protect our hair and scalp in certain weather conditions. Most decent brands have a sun protection range to cover the heat.

In the cold weather, you might notice your scalp getting quite flakey due to the contrast in temperature from the cold outdoors and the warmth indoors, as well as frictions from wearing all of your hats. I really recommend the Oway Purifying range, which includes a delicate shampoo and a great dandruff remedy which looks after your scalp and keeps it moisturised. Do try to avoid any supermarket dandruff shampoo as they tend to be harsh and will chemically strip your scalp as opposed to repairing it.


What can I do to improve the condition of my hair?

Pop into the salon for a consultation. At Blue Tit, our friendly stylists are always up for giving a lesson in male hair grooming. In most circumstances, a decent regular haircut and good conditioning products are all it takes to look after your hair. Treat your hair like your best pair of shoes rather than your muddy old football boots.




What products are best to use in my hair?

The Oway x Blue tit superfluid, really does what it says on the tin. It’s great for almost everything for ALL hair types (styling, conditioning… you name it, it does it). Whack it on dry hair or even wet hair before styling. All that AND it comes in an environmentally friendly blue glass bottle (plastic is so passé).


Are there any hair products that won’t make my hair greasy?

In my 10+ years as a hairstylist, I’ve found that most guys go-to product is that wet look gel that makes the hair look greasy and even separate (making it look thin). Right now, I’m using the new Oway X Blue Tit next day cream on most of my gents; it works on all hair types and lengths and gives the hair great texture as well as hold. You can apply it on damp or dry hair – just scrunch it in to bring out any waves or curls. Best yet, it won’t leave the hair greasy or rock hard.


How do I grow my hair out without it looking messy?

Keeping in touch with your hairstylist, albeit a little less regularly, will keep the Leo-Messi-naughties mullet away. Keep the back trimmed up so it gives the top and sides time to catch up.

Hairstyling products will help keep bits at bay till it’s long enough to tuck behind the ears. Try using a non-greasy styling cream to help tame the hair and keep it conditioned.




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